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RSM Day on Oncology (including leukaemia)- Thursday 11th January 2018

Register now for the next RSM Day on Oncology (including leukaemia)- Thursday 11th January 2018. This highly interactive study day for level 2 trainees includes lectures and workshops on oncological emergencies, brain tumours, shared care oncology, soft tissue tumours, palliative care and adolescent oncology. There is also a unique opportunity to hear a patient perspective… [Read More]

September 2018 OOP applications – Apply Now

The time frame for the September 2018 OOP applications is confirmed as follows: Application deadline: Wednesday 28 February 2018 Panel meeting: Monday 12 March 2018 Please find attached the London School of Paediatrics OOP guidance, and current OOP application form. Please ensure that you submit your application form, and any supplementary documentation, by the deadline… [Read More]

North London Level 2 Matching – Sept 2018 & March 2019

This information relates to the ST4-5 matching process and includes some key information regarding the process, and will hopefully will serve as a useful guide. Please see the attached ST4/5 Matching Form. ALL North London ST3 trainees progressing into ST4 in either Sept 2018 or March 2019 must complete this Matching Form and also any… [Read More]

From our correspondent in Blantyre, Malawi

Written by one of our super trainees who was recently with us at St. George’s Hospital, currently on OOP in Malawi. Ellen has kindly given us an insight into her experience, and has provided her email address incase anyone wants to get in touch if you are planning a similar trip. Do make sure you… [Read More]

LME 11th January: Leading & Supporting QI

Are you a senior trainee or supervisor increasingly supporting others in quality improvement? Struggling with sustainability of projects? Or simply already developed your skills in quality improvement and want to know more beyond the PDSA cycle? Then come to the final interactive masterclass in the QI series. Hosted by an experienced faculty including Alice Roueche,… [Read More]

Level 3 Matching for September 2018 and March 2019

The matching paperwork for ST678 training has been updated for trainees who will be going to Level 3 training from September 2018 or March 2019 and all current ST5 trainees and any ST6/7 trainee who do not have their posts set up for the rest of their training. Current ST8 trainees who require grace period… [Read More]

Topic of the month: Endocrinology

Across London, paediatric trainees and trainers are focusing on endocrinology. Here are some ideas to think about. Paediatric endocrinology involves caring for children and families affected by hormone disorders. This can cause problems with growth, puberty, and sexual development; or manifest as diabetes, thyroid disease, or adrenal disease. Endocrinology is a broad field and requires… [Read More]

LSP Simulation Training Programme – useful documents

We are very excited to be running courses for the LSP Simulation Training days in 2018. These training days are divided into the following days and more details are available through the simulation link on the LSP website: Full Immersion days – ST1, ST3 trainees, paediatric nurses Part-Task / Communication days – ST3 trainees In… [Read More]

LSP Simulation Programme – UPDATED dates for NCNEL

We have some more dates for the LSP Simulation programme training days at the NCNEL sites – with the addition of a Full Immersion day at GOSH. These are for NCNEL trainees and so please start booking! To remind you more about the days and what the training involves please read below: Full Immersion day – simulated… [Read More]

Returning from a break in training? Join us on the PRACP course

Are you returning from a break in training?  Whether it is from maternity leave, time out of programme for research or educational commitments or a career break, please come to this bespoke course designed to facilitate your return to clinical practice.  We offer a one day course that takes you through high fidelity simulation scenario’s… [Read More]

LSP report on new ways of working in the neonatal unit

Many of you will know that we had 2 London School of Paediatric Fellows working between September 2017 and September 2018.  Tanya Mitra is one of our ST4 trainees and Lorna Bramwells is Head of Nursing for Children’s Services at Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust.  Together Tanya and Lorna have produced an amazing piece of work exploring… [Read More]

FINAL PLACES for Surviving and Thriving Level 1 Training

  ‘Surviving and Thriving Level One Paediatrics – Friday 15th December‘   The LSP is excited to launch this new free pan-london course for all ST1-3 paediatric trainees, aimed at making the most of your Level 1 training. The course will cover how to manage common stressors in Level 1 training, including tertiary neonates and exams,… [Read More]